The Bouza Betrayal

Norah stilled talked to Ethan. They maintained a steady exchange of e-mails. He called her on her birthday. Sometimes he texted her and said unexpected things. His e-mails were sometimes very sad. And just as she had when he was here, Norah wished she could take it away. She wished she could somehow magically allow […]

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Norah & Carol

Norah was excited to go to Amy’s birthday dinner at their favorite haunt, The Bull, a tapas restaurant and bar that Norah and her friends used as home base. It had been a stressful day and Amy was fun to be around. She had no filter and one was likely to hear something about someone’s penis […]

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The Revenge Fantasy

Sometimes she is sitting at an outdoor cafe with a beautiful man, clearly in love, laughing. Sometimes she is giving a lecture about the cold war and the space race. Sometimes she is making Terri Gross laugh as she talks about the bizarre ways her life changed when her first book became an unexpected best […]

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The Arches in Jerusalem

The weight of her camera bag pulled the strap tight against Norah’s chest as she lumbered without direction through the alleys of the Old City. She had made it. She was there. She found a way to go back and she was fulfilling her dream. She was in Jerusalem. And she felt like a fool. Tears welled […]

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Part 2: The Surprise.

Norah was disappointed that he was going again. But she had a lot of work to do and with Ethan gone, she could let her messy side loose. The dishes could pile up, her clothes could litter the floor, her shoes need not find their proper home and she could hyper-focus on the photographs. The gallery had […]

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Norah’s Dream: Part 1

May, 2019 Norah looked over her computer and peeked at Ethan sitting on the couch, his naked feet on the coffee table, his laptop in his lap and that look of intense concentration she was familiar with. He had been working on this project for months. He was close to a solution. Norah could see it in […]

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That Kind of Woman

It happened. She crossed the line. Norah was now one of those women. She wore the fact like a secret scarlet A on her chest. She contemplated this idea like she was floating above it and it was written on a piece of paper below her. “I slept with a married man,” the paper said. […]

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Little Girl

Norah clings to her mother’s neck with one arm, the other holds on to the arm holding up her little frame. Though she’s bouncing about as her mom walks briskly, this place, on her mom’s hip, her face close to her mother’s cheek, this is the most comfortable place she can ever be. She sees […]

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