The Arches in Jerusalem

The weight of her camera bag pulled the strap tight against Norah’s chest as she lumbered without direction through the alleys of the Old City. She had made it. She was there. She found a way to go back and she was fulfilling her dream. She was in Jerusalem. And she felt like a fool. Tears welled […]

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Part 2: The Surprise.

Norah was disappointed that he was going again. But she had a lot of work to do and with Ethan gone, she could let her messy side loose. The dishes could pile up, her clothes could litter the floor, her shoes need not find their proper home and she could hyper-focus on the photographs. The gallery had […]

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Norah’s Dream: Part 1

May, 2019 Norah looked over her computer and peeked at Ethan sitting on the couch, his naked feet on the coffee table, his laptop in his lap and that look of intense concentration she was familiar with. He had been working on this project for months. He was close to a solution. Norah could see it in […]

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