Norah & Carol

Norah was excited to go to Amy’s birthday dinner at their favorite haunt, The Bull, a tapas restaurant and bar that Norah and her friends used as home base. It had been a stressful day and Amy was fun to be around. She had no filter and one was likely to hear something about someone’s penis […]

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Part 2: The Surprise.

Norah was disappointed that he was going again. But she had a lot of work to do and with Ethan gone, she could let her messy side loose. The dishes could pile up, her clothes could litter the floor, her shoes need not find their proper home and she could hyper-focus on the photographs. The gallery had […]

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The Café Guy

He was there again. At the same coffee shop. Last time Norah sat right across from him, at the big communal table. She used the crowd and lack of seating as her camouflage. This time he was alone, empty booths all around him. If she sat close to him again, it would be obvious. She […]

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The Walk Home

“What time is it?” Norah asked Ethan. “Eleven,” he answered. It’s late, Norah thought. “I’m going to go, I think,” he said. “Yeah, me too,” Norah said. “Would it be rude of me to ask you to walk me home?” “Not at all,” Ethan replied. “I’ll get my purse.” Norah walked around the corner to […]

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Carol & Ethan

Carol held her hand up to her chin and looked at Norah sternly. Her arms were crossed against her chest, her legs equally clamped as her little round body became sharp with disdain. “Yeah, you’re going to have to tell me less.” Norah slumped, turned to her wine and took a sip, attempting to hide […]

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